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A Comic Book Podcast Network covering Marvel Comic's Avengers (EMP), X-Men (EMX) and Deadpool (MwaP)!





Alex "Sketchy McDrawpants" Smith


Function: Angry White Man; Provider of sarcastic and hilarious
Capricorn, Year of the Monkey


Genres: I'll read any genre, but you're most likely to get my
attention with Sci-Fi,
Comedy,Action-adventure, Sword & Sorcery, or any
combination of those.
Got into comics with: Late 80s X-Men, Challenge of
the Super-friends and Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends


Current Loves: Spider-Man, The X-Men, The Avengers, Batman, Invincible, Powers,
Locke and Key, and Saga. 

Writers I dig: Brian K, Vaugn, Grant Morrison, Bendis, Jonathan Hickman, Cristos Gage, 
Matt Fraction, Joss Whedon, Ed Brubaker, Joe Hill, Garth Ennis, Warren Ellis, Alan Moore,
Jeff Smith, Terry Moore, etc, etc, etc.
Artists I dig: Frank Cho, Cary Nord, Oliver Coipel, Frank Cho, Adam Hughes, Becky Cloonan,
Mike Mignola, Stuart Immonen, Kubert Brothers, Jerome Opena, Kris Anka, I could go on for 
days...did I say Frank Cho?


Comics I recommend: Bone, Preacher, Liberty Meadows, Strangers in Paradise, Understanding 
Comics,100 Bullets, Planetary, Locke and Key, Invincible, Sandman, Y the Last Man, 
The Authority (first two runs), The Umbrella Academy, Claremont's classic X-Men run, Hickman's 
Fantastic Four, Snider's Batman, Conan (Dark Horse), Ultimate Spider-Man, so many more 
great comics, stop surfing the net and go read some.




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Corwin "The Comic Carver" Crowl


Function: The straight man, comic binder, mastermind
Sign: Virgo, Year of the Monkey

Genres: Loves all manners of stories, especially horror and sci-fi.
Got into comics with:
 The X-Men, 90's Blue and Gold Team

Current Loves: The X-Men family of titles as well as the Avengers 
(my poor wallet), Spider-Man,Deadpool, Green Lantern and Batman.

Writers I dig: Grant Morrison, Bendis, Rick Remender, Jonathan Hickman,
Cristos Gage, Matt Fraction, Joss Whedon, Ed Brubaker, Greg Rucka, Joe Hill, Garth Ennis,
Warren Ellis, Mike Carey, Terry Moore {edited for length not enough space on page} 
Artists I dig: Frank Cho, Stuart Immonen, Oliver Coipel, JRJ, Kubert Brothers, Bong Dazo, 
Jerome Opena, Tony Moore, Chris Bachelo, Mark Brooks {edited for length not enough space 
on page}

Comics I recommend: Planetary, Locke and Key, The Walking Dead, Invincible, 
Sandman, Lucifer, Preacher, Fables, Y the Last Man, Exterminators, The Authority (first two runs),
Whedon's Astonishing X-Men, The Pro, Hellblazer, Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Batman (Morrison, Snyder), Scalped


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Viet "The Comedic Engineer" Huynh


Function: Marketing specialist. Promo whore. Writer of haikus.
Sign: Cancer; Year of the Dog 

Genres: Super hero, noir, and comedy 
Got into comics with: The X-Men, 90's Blue and Gold Team
and 90's Image books

Current Loves: X-Men, Avengers, and various amount of things
that are good. 

Writers I dig: Ed Brubaker, Christos Gage, Greg Pak,
Fred Van Lente, Peter David, Dan Slott,Mark Waid, Jason Aaron,
Joss Whedon, Rick Remender, Matt Fraction, Kelly Sue Deconnick, 
Greg Rucka, Joe Hill, Cullen Bunn, Brian Azzarello. 
Artists I dig: Frank Cho, Stuart Immonen, Oliver Coipel, Art Adams,
Kubert Brothers, Jerome Opena, Chris Bachelo, James Silvani 

Comics I recommend: Locke and Key, The Walking Dead, Criminal, Darkwing Duck,
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Scalped, Chew, Incredible Hercules, She-Hulk, The Sixth Gun,
because he's a promo whore and knows how to put it all in one place...