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Oct 24, 2016

The boys are back for a second time this month!! Scott falls in love with Lara Croft and Rem, and then swears off the Assassin's Creed movie. Meanwhile Corwin manages to not fall asleep this time, but his dog does instead. The Guys play a new game, A Goofy Movie or Scott's life. They then finally catch up and dive into...

Oct 18, 2016

Individually they were just like those guys who like to hang around the comic book shop and talk comics but together they form the Earth’s Mightiest Podcast!

In this episode we review Marvel Comics Avengers books of August 2016.  

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Oct 3, 2016

The boys are back with a new episode!! This time around Corwin has difficulty separating what is Scott’s life and what is A Goofy movie, then falls asleep on himself while talking about Deadpool. Meanwhile Scott pitches a new game show to Corwin, and then has a breakdown and starts crying after reviewing all the...