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Nov 25, 2018


The boys are back with a new episode from the past? In this issue Corwin has trouble deciding who his Waifu is, then answers a personal question regarding a giant woman. Meanwhile Scott lays some facts about opossums, and then jams out to Night at the Roxbury. The Deadpool books for September 2018 are...

Oct 17, 2018


The boys are back and not delayed!! In this episode Scott admits to never have seen The Princess Bride, and then makes the argument that Elsa Jean has what it takes to join the Deadpool Cinematic Universe. Meanwhile Corwin states Friday is a Cinematic Classic and gushes over Kelly Thompson. The Deadpool books for...

Sep 5, 2018


The boys are back with TWO MONTHS worth's of books...oh boy!! In this episode Corwin actually watches ahead of Attack on Titan Season 3 on Scott, and then brings shame to the show for never watching Jackass or any of its spin offs. Meanwhile, Scott tries to help Nic Klien discover more that three colors, and then...

Aug 20, 2018


The boys are finally back after their last Adventure. In this episode Scott is reunited with two of his favorite characters, then rubs his two new platinums in Corwin’s face. Meanwhile Corwin starts playing Horizon Zero Dawn, then admits he hasn’t played the new God of War yet. The boys take a final flight with In...

Jul 9, 2018


The boys are back!! Join 18 Platinum Trophy Achiever Scott Bechtel and Participation Ribbon Stealer Corwin Crowl as they play all 5 issues of You Are Deadpool. Spoilers, they fail hysterically!! Don't Worry they'll be back with a normal episode next time around.  

0:03:06 You Are Deadpool (2018)...