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Sep 10, 2023


131 The boys are back! In this episode Corwin is upset over the wedding of Tony Stark and Emma Frost, and then he tries miserably to get Scott to read Hellfire Gala. Meanwhile Scott talks about how Zom 100 is relatable to him, and then spreads the hype for Clod. The Deadpool books of late July and August are covered and surprise Deadpool is canceled! In Past-O-Vision they finally say goodbye to Cable & Deadpool with Deadpool/GLI: Summer Fun Spectacular. In Monty’s Predictions old and new predictions are visited. Waiting in the Review covers the third and fourth episodes of Waiting in the Summer, just in time for summer to start in the show as summer ends in real life. And as always, Robot Chicken Hulk wraps the show up with a PSA.  

  • 0:03:48 News
  • 0:17:00 Deadpool Badder Blood (2023) #3
  • Past-O-Vision
  • 0:30:36 Deadpool GLI Summer Special (2007) #1
  • 0:40:57 Retro Ads
  • 0:53:43 Deadpool (2022) #9
  • 0:58:51 Deadpool (2022) #10
  • 1:07:53 Monty's Predictions
  • 1:22:06 Waiting in the Summer Ep #3
  • 1:29:47 Waiting in the Summer Ep #4

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Music by Jenki Girls of Los Angeles

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