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Jul 13, 2019


The boys are finally back with a episode 99 and it’s already off to a start as hot garbage. In this episode Scott challenges people to annoy Rob Liefeld at conventions and then comes up with a new way to review comics. Meanwhile Corwin admits he hasn’t seen Dark Phoenix and tries everything in his power not to review the books. Talking about books, the boys review the Deadpool books of April 2019, but before that, they do a Hit List of The Top 5 Moments of the Podcast’s History. In Past-O-Vision they take a detour from Cable & Deadpool to review none other than House of M!! Next episode is the Big 100!! To celebrate a new contest is up. E-mail the show at by August 10th, 2019 (date may extend depending when we actually decide to record) with your thoughts/questions/input on Cowboy Bebop and Re: Zero. Do that and win a Trade (must still be in print, omnibus, complete collection, and absolutes excluded, must be under $50) of your choice along with whatever junk Scott finds under his bed (pens will probably be included)!  


0:02:50 Movie Talk: Dark Phoenix & Spider-Man Far From Home
0:08:52 News
0:24:04 Hit List: Top 5 Show Moments
0:39:56 Major X (2019) #1-2
0:45:23 Spider-Man Deadpool (2016) #49
0:50:40 Deadpool (2018) #11
0:56:06 West Coast Avengers (2018) #6
1:03:18 House of M (2005) #1-4
1:19:20 House of M (2005) #5-8

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Music by Jenki "Girls of Los Angeles"

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