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May 29, 2021


The boys are back!! Scott has pages of notes and then makes a connection between episode 5 and 24. Corwin’s dogs chime in about episode 25, then he drags Scott over finding Dragon Goes House Hunting funny. In a Special Get in the Review, episodes 23-24 are reviewed, episodes 25-26 are um talked about?, and then everything is wrapped up in End of Evangelion. Congratulations for staying with us on this journey.  

  • 0:01:42 News
  • 0:03:59 Hellhouse Fax
  • 0:07:29 Neon Genesis Evangelion Ep23
  • 0:25:02 Neon Genesis Evangelion Ep24
  • 0:35:49 Neon Genesis Evangelion Ep25
  • 0:40:25 Neon Genesis Evangelion Ep26
  • 0:56:08 End of Evangelion

Ep 23 - Unit 00's corruption image 

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Music by Jenki Girls of Los Angeles

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