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Oct 30, 2020


Ep 111.  The boys are back with this special 10 year anniversary episode! Gather around as Scott talks about how he’s not enjoying the Avengers game and how he doesn’t trust events that are 22 issues long. Meanwhile Corwin shows how much of a nerd he is for the X-Men and becomes curious of what Plus Size Elf is about. For a retrospect, they revisit Deadpool: Pulp the first book ever reviewed on the show, and High School of the Dead, the first anime they ever beat a dead horse over about. Finally, as always Robot Chicken Hulk wraps the show up with a PSA. Next episode for the 10th Anniversary the boys will be reviewing Deadpool: Pulp #1-4 and High School of the Dead episodes 1-12 and the OVA.  

0:04:57 Who we are

0:26:46 Deadpool Pulp

1:03:51 High School of the Dead Anime

2:30:51 ReZero Season 2 eps 10-12


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Music by Jenki "Girls of Los Angeles"

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