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ten and a half years ago

Hey! I LIKE the Old Soldiers, dang it!

Although Crimson Commando is admittedly the weakest of them in my attachments. Super Sabre for life, yo!

RIP Stonewall: Gone Too Soon

ten and a half years ago

This was an alright episode, but I don't think you guys should invite that other dude from the Big One onto a podcast. Obviously he didn't like the movie, but he presented his opinions in such a way that makes people feel stupid for liking the movie. The WHOLE POINT of anybody clicking and downloading this episode is most likely because they LIKE the movie, so I wouldn't be surprised if there were other listeners who feel the same way.

I just think it's a better idea to have a more fan-centric tone if you're going to be discussing a movie like this in a comic fan podcast, and if one guy is going to be on the podcast trying to do a "serious" critique, then save that for a podcast that is actually about critiquing films. Not to mention a lot of his reasons were those snobby, quasi-intellectual, pseudo-film-critic type reasons (example: there was a segment where he was talking about how every other superhero movie has well-developed villains? Captain America, the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men movies before First Class barely delved into the backstories of their respective villains.) I also wish that the other podcast participants could have refuted him a little better.

Anyways, it's still a good podcast, but I just wanted to leave a comment because I searched for and clicked on this podcast because I kinda liked Iron Man 3, and pretty much 50% of this podcast was why I SHOULDN'T like the movie and why I'm a simpleton for doing so. Just didn't seem like the right tone you should be striking with listeners, unless this was a purely film critique podcast.