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Nov 14, 2017

Individually they were just like those guys who like to hang around the comic book shop and talk comics but together they form the Earth’s Mightiest Podcast!

IN THIS EPISODE... With SECRET EMPIRE now behind us the guys try to begin the healing process as Bob finally returns from captivity under the spangle-fisted rule of HydraCap. Doing his best to hold it together, Bob gives his final analysis and thoughts on Secret Empire as well as overall ranking among summer events. The announcement from a legendary creator that will be moving on from the House of Ideas means we discuss old guard, young blood and who may be heir apparent as Marvel transitions in both storyline and actual personnel. Worlds get all collision-y and the boys don't get high on the High Evolutionary, but do snag an episode title for their trouble. The play on words gets squeezed for all its worth as the first official crossover between the Champions and Avengers causes a bit of friction...and possibly discussion about which crew should call shots going forward. Falcon takes flight under his own power once more...and he might need a boost. And just for good measure by unanimous vote, best X-Men book going is Uncanny Avengers. All in all, while it's a short list but a long line of reasoning as Marvel continues to shift along Generation lines... it's all in a day's work for the heroes of EARTH'S MIGHTIEST PODCAST! ...Nuff said!  

0:22:11 Avengers (2016) #672
0:38:05 Champions (2016) #13
0:48:06 Defenders (2017) #6
0:59:19 U.S. Avengers (2017) #11
1:11:08 Uncanny Avengers (2015.2) #28
1:23:32 Falcon (2017) #1

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