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Jun 19, 2017

Individually they were just like those guys who like to hang around the comic book shop and talk comics but together they form the Earth’s Mightiest Podcast!

Hailing Hydra since before it was cool. IN THIS EPISODE…From the geometry of Stryfe’s costume to the unsettling nature of the artwork on a book that you SHOULD be reading, the boys go HAM on the Marvel Comics AVENGERS lineup for the month of May, year of our lord 2017. There’s only so long Clint can hold the line on a book that we otherwise don’t need, Uncanny reached it’s climax…so where to now? Ultimate’s paint a pretty ugly picture of a necessary set of evils, and the Champions are still champs. Somebody should make action figures of that team! All this and more in one…or is it two - episodes of the best Avengers-centric podcast this side of Mos Eisley! Tune in to EMPcast! - you won’t be mad that you almost didn’t!  

0:00:00 Sponsor
0:33:54 Avengers (2016) #7
0:46:04 Champions (2016) #8
0:57:41 Occupy Avengers (2016) #7
1:14:05 Uncanny Avengers (2015.2) #23
1:30:04 Secret Empire FCBD (2017)
1:36:42 Secret Empire (2017) #1
1:51:49 Secret Empire (2017) #2
2:09:33 Secret Empire (2017) #3
2:21:58 U.S.Avengers (2017) #6
2:34:31 Ultimates 2 (2016) #
Quick Hits
2:40:51 Captain America: Steve Rogers (2016) #17, Secret Wars Uprising (2017) #1, Deadpool (2015) #31, Secret Warriors (2017) #1-2, Doctor Strange (2015) #21, Captain Marvel (2017) #5, Captain America: Sam Wilson (2015) #22, All New Guardians of the Galaxy (2017) #1, Black Bolt (2017) #1

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