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Apr 8, 2020


The boys are back!! In this episode Scott talks about how he is swimming in Chef Boyardee and drops the hard truth about Persona 5 Royal on Corwin. Meanwhile Corwin is stuck home without Final Fantasy VII Remake and then becomes dismayed by Deadpool’s numbers. In Get in the Review, the boys review Neon Genesis Evangelion episodes 3 & 4. As a bonus the boys review Tom King’s Mister Miracle because hey, there is literally only one Deadpool book out right now and they know you have nothing else better to do during this pandemic. Finally, at some point Deadpool issue 3 is finally reviewed and in Past-O-Vision they travel back to 2005 to finish up Bosom Buddies in Cable & Deadpool. For Hit List the boys run down the top 5 things to watch on streaming while you are stuck at home currently. And as always Robot Chicken Hulk wraps the show up with a PSA.  

0:10:07 News

0:17:43 Neon Genesis Evangelion Ep3

0:28:51 Neon Genesis Evangelion Ep4

0:33:55 Mr Miracle (2017) #1-6

0:49:20 Mr Miracle (2017) #7-12

1:05:10 Deadpool (2019) #3


1:08:05 Cable & Deadpool (2004) #23

1:17:46 Hit List: What to what during quarantine

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Music by Jenki "Girls of Los Angeles"

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