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Oct 23, 2011

Individually they were just like those guys who like to hang around the comic book shop 
and talkcomics but together they form the Earth's Mightiest Podcast!

In this episode we cover Fear Itself #6, Avengers Academy #19, Fear Itself Hulk Vs Dracula #1, 
Avengers #15, Fear Itself Homefront #6, Secret Avengers #17 and Fear Itself the Monkey King.

00:00:00 Talking with Cristos Gage!
00:11:11 Cold Open
00:15:42 Wonder Woman Origin SPOILER!
00:19:39 John Constatine movie/comic talk
00:30:43 The History of Wrestling
00:33:15 Seth Graham Smith (no relation)
00:36:55 X-Men Schism/Uncanny X-Force
00:49:23 Firefly/Serenity/Dollhouse talk
01:06:34 Opener (Spoof of...)
01:10:08 Fear Itself #6
01:29:21 Avengers Academy #19
01:40:52 Fear Itself Hulk Vs Dracula #1
01:53:59 Avengers #15
02:08:11 Fear Itself Homefront #6
02:17:38 Secret Avengers #17
02:25:13 Fear Itself the Monkey King
02:30:53 Buy/Try/Skip/Burn it
02:34:27 OMD
02:38:18 Viet's Comic Book Haiku
02:39:38 Crowl Call
02:46:30 Shooting the breeze/Out takes

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Music: Polaris
by Adam WarRock
My X-Factor EP