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Feb 26, 2024

Individually they were just like those guys who like to hang around the comic book shop and talk comics but together they form the Earth’s Mightiest Podcast!

IN THIS EPISODE… The Timeline reeling! Was it the COMMS BLACKOUT? Or just-TIMELESS #1 …or no, #1?... communicating from a year in the PAST, half the team already read this! The other half wished they’d read this a year ago! THEN! What can only be AVENGERS #9 is like nothing we’ve seen since.. Avengers #8! But does Kang catch a mean L..? MEANWHILE… Jan Van Dyne to our cosmic horror…can only stare silently… as Hank Pym (ages35yearsonlyto) mumbles the MOST villainous Man’splanation EVER. Cuz, I mean… DUH!!! Postscript: Congratulations Viz’shh! You’re a brand new Nephew! BUT! A perfect re-envisioned Tale of Gotham Else-when, beloved across the Fandoms glistens in sunlight… capturing a future 616 so imperfect, its breathtaking familiarity choke us, realizing that AVENGERS TWILIGHT may have more in common with our own imperfect times than we may be willing to accept! And FINALLY! of course…… in G.O.D.S. ..Jonathan just Hickman’s alllll over the place! Its All Here in…. Earth’s Mightiest Podcast #201 ….AlcheMax Brings you a Better Tmrw..TODAY!  

  • 0:10:19 Timeless (2023) #1
  • 0:29:52 Avengers (2023) #9
  • 0:37:58 Avengers INC (2023) #5
  • 0:52:36 Avengers Twilight (2023) #1
  • 1:08:46 Avengers Twilight (2023) #2
  • 1:17:47 G.O.D.S. (2023) #4
  • Quick Hits
  • Marvel Meow (2024) #1
  • Thunderbolts (2024) #2


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