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Sep 30, 2013

**Be sure to listen to Episode 46: Avengers Forever Part 1 (Avengers #1-6) first**

In this episode we review Avengers Forever #7-12.  

0:00:00 Sponsor
0:10:49 TV Talk (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Sleepy Hollow)
0:21:25 Midtro/Avengers Forever #7
0:29:06 Avengers Forever #8
0:35:09 Avengers Forever #9
0:42:25 Avengers Forever #10
0:46:57 Avengers Forever #11
0:52:35 Avengers Forever #12
1:12:23 Misc Talk/Outakes

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ten and a half years ago

What the Supreme Intelligence did with the Forever Crystal was addressed in the "Maximum Security" mini-series, where Earth was turned into a prison planet by the intergalactic council, or something to that effect. You may recall that the Kree/Shi'ar war in "Operation: Galactic Storm" was actually a gambit by the Supreme Intelligence to use the Nega-Bomb to jumpstart the Kree's evolution. It uses the Forever Crystal to skip to the back of the book and see how that turned out, resulting in the race that precipitates "Maximum Security".

I would give Avengers Forever a 5. If Watchmen gets it, being at its heart a long series of flashbacks and origin stories, there is no cause that this series could not. It catapulted Kang from my "Who cares" pile to my list of favorite villains, where he remains to this day, based SOLELY on the strength of Busiek's handling of him. It is ASTOUNDING how well "Reflections of the Conqueror" reads for a book that is nearly ALL exposition with a faint framing sequence that simply reflects on the exposition. It is one of my favorite books in a 12 issue series that I enjoy enormously, and that should not be true. That it is is a testament to its excellence.

You guys have certainly grown on me. I enjoy your podcasts and miss the midtro-sketches. Over the past several months, I have listened to EMP 1-70 and most of EMX. You have tightened up your presentations considerably, and I enjoy your podcast, even when I disagree with your ratings and am forced to inform my mp3 app on my phone that you are bottomlessly foolish and wrongheaded. Thank you for the entertainment.

Thank You,