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Nov 25, 2018


The boys are back with a new episode from the past? In this issue Corwin has trouble deciding who his Waifu is, then answers a personal question regarding a giant woman. Meanwhile Scott lays some facts about opossums, and then jams out to Night at the Roxbury. The Deadpool books for September 2018 are reviewed. Somewhere in the middle of those reviews the podcast within a podcast, “Weekend at Bernie’s Cast” debuts!!

In Past-O-Vision the boys travel back to 2004 to finish up The Burnt Offering in Cable & Deadpool, and then to 2005 to start Thirty Pieces in Cable & Deadpool. For their final segment, Monty’s Predictions are finally revisited and new ones are made. But wait there’s still more!! A Con Report is spotted and Scott talks about Nekocon 2018!! Also as always Robot Chicken Hulk wraps the show up with a new PSA. Also our Poll for Episode #100 is up. You can vote for one of the following animes is be covered along with Re: Zero. Steins;Gate, Cowboy Bebop, High School of the Dead, Danganronpa, Witchblade. Poll closes on December 31st, 2018.  

0:03:01 News
0:40:03 Deadpool (2018) #4
0:46:33 Spider-Man Deadpool (2016) #38
0:51:59 Spider-Man Deadpool (2016) #39
0:57:14 West Coast Avengers (2018) #2
1:15:26 Mr & Mrs X (2018) #3
1:23:10 Cable & Deadpool (2004) #10
1:34:33 Cable & Deadpool (2004) #11
1:47:50 Monty's Predictions
2:05:02 Con Report: Nekocon 2018

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