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Nov 19, 2015

In this episode we review Marvel Comics' Deadpool books of October 2015.  

0:05:01 News
0:10:15 Graphic Audio DP Paws Trailer
0:13:48 Hell House Fax
0:23:09 Deadpool Vs Thanos #3
0:34:00 Deadpool Vs Thanos #4
0:37:29 Deadpool / Cable Split Second #1
0:45:00 Avengers #0
1:00:58 Uncanny Avengers #1
1:13:32 Howling Commandos #1
1:19:52 Merc File: Living Mummy
1:27:08 Deadpool #48
1:34:57 Deadpool #49
Booty by the Bay:
1:46:26 Deadpool Video Game

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Music by Jenki "Girls of Los Angeles"


Song Name: Aquainted
By: the Weeknd


Song Name: Good Morning California
By: Daemon Hatfield


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