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May 20, 2024


Episode 135 The boys are back!! In this episode Corwin gets defensive about Casandra Nova then agrees to sell the podcast for seven figures. Meanwhile Scott has many questions for Robert Kirkman on his choices, then recites all of Skottie Young’s Deadpool run from memory. They digest the new Deadpool trailer, and either this bit is hilarious or edited down. In Con Report Scott talks about his method on getting panels accepted, clearing out a room by playing Shaggy, and finding random merch at raves. There is a book to talk about for once, and they have an actual conversation about comics. They also review the god tier book It’s Jeff so you tell me if they have merits. In Past-O-Vision they are back to 2007 and still talking about Marvel Zombies but it is a one shot now. Waiting in the Review is finally wrapped up with the final two episodes and the OVA. Monty’s Predictions are visited and new ones are made. The Deadpool & Wolverine Monty’s Predictions are also visited and added to. And Robot Chicken Hulk is back again, and he found his book for the PSA! Don't forget if you're a racoon with an iPhone or a dog or mini horse with spotify playing and want to call in for our Deadpool 3 Episode, e-mail us at  

  • 0:02:42 News
  • 0:16:28 MAJOR SPOILERS: Deadpool Trailer talk
  • 0:28:59 Zenkaikon 2024
  • 0:46:10 Deadpool (2024) #1
  • 1:02:02 It's Jeff! (2021) #31-36
  • Past-O-Vision
  • 1:13:02 Marvel Zombies Dead Days (2007) #1
  • 1:35:05 Waiting in the Summer Ep #11
  • 1:42:46 Waiting in the Summer Ep #12
  • 1:53:05 Waiting in the Summer OVA
  • 2:02:23 Monty's Predictions


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