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Jun 19, 2023


Episode 129! The boys are back! In this episode Corwin becomes worried about the writer’s strike then goes over Zeb Wells’ writing credits. Meanwhile, Scott talks about Cult of the Lamb and then splurges on a PS5. They then pump through all the Infinite Comics involving the Merc Family, as well as Deadpool #6. In Past-O-Vision they travel back to 2007 and cover Cable & Deadpool #47-48. In a Special Monty’s Prediction, the boys do a rapid fire of “yes or no” to rumors/thoughts of Deadpool 3. The show finally wraps up with a special PSA with Uncle Franky. Reminder starting next episode the boys will be watching episodes 1-2 of Waiting in the Summer.  

  • 0:05:53 News
  • 0:24:07 Deadpool Infinite Comic: Invisible Touch (2021)1-5
  • 0:36:40 Love Unilimted Infinity Comic: Gwenpool (2022)43-48
  • 0:51:24 It's Jeff! Infinite Comics (2021) #13-24
  • 1:03:07 Deadpool (2022) #6
  • Past-O-Vision
  • 1:13:53 Cable & Deadpool (2004) #47
  • 1:19:56 Retro Ads
  • 1:29:38 Cable & Deadpool (2004) #48
  • 1:32:10 Retro Ads
  • 1:35:17 Deadpool 3 Predictions


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Music by Jenki Girls of Los Angeles

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