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Dec 25, 2022


The long wait is finally over!! The boys are back in an extra-long 125th episode!! During the off-time Scott talks about his new tattoo and then how desperate pharmaceutical companies are to get people vaccinated (reminder please get vaccinated). Meanwhile Corwin talks about his new nerd office setup then lays some truth bombs about Wakanda Forever. In Con Report, Scott talks about Nekocon 2022. Then the big topic they promised 25 episodes ago is finally here, and boy do they get into it. Grab some popcorn and a large soda as Scott recaps all of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood in three hours. It’s the Bechtel Cut baby!! And as always Robot Chicken Hulk wraps the show up with a PSA. Next episode the Deadpool goodness will be back in full force!!  

  • 0:19:27 News
  • 1:02:06 Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

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