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May 8, 2014


Bring Your Own Book!  Alex, Corwin and Viet are joined by the Melanie J Starchilde of Nerd Goggles Podcast and Nerdcore Rapper Tribe One to talk about what we've been reading (Non Avengers and X-Men that is...).

Books covered:

Alex + Ada  - Image Comics

The Bunker  - Oni Press

Rat Queens  - Image Comics

Avatar: The Last Air Bender - Dark Horse Comics

Fear Agent - Dark Horse Comics

Disney Kingdoms: Seekers of the Weird  - Marvel Comics

Cross Game - Viz Media

Samuari Jack - IDW

Skyward  - Action Comics

Revival  - Image Comics

Snapshot - Image Comics

Prophet  - Image Comics

The Fifth Beatle  - Dark Horse Comics

Sex Criminals  - Image Comics

Black Science  - Image Comics


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Opening Music: EMP Theme Song

By Tribe One



Closing Music: The Quiet

By Adam Warrock


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