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Nov 29, 2022

Individually they were just like those guys who like to hang around the comic book shop and talk comics but together they form the Earth’s Mightiest Podcast!

191 IN THIS EPISODE... The team delivers a fully thanks-gifted episode from the edge of America's most blood-soaked celebration, and in keeping with that tradition, its a senses-shattering double-sized Anniversary Episode featuring Avengers complete coverage for September 1st thru Halloween! FIRST! ...In AVENGERS #60, Clint Barton tries to find the metaphorical and literal edge of reason and reality in a sarcastic confrontation with a Cellestial being of immeasurable's all in a days work for the most Average Avenger! Plus the Starbrand contemplates a life well-lived, regardless of the length of longevity in AVENGERS # 61 THEN! Its a call to the Carols across all of contemplatable creation when the multiversal Rider leads a Helicarrier Higher, Further, Faster and the Carol Corps Convene in AVENGERS FOREVER #9 .....and MEANWHILE! A mandated meatgrinder, a Fast n Furious for the Assembly-Inclined explodes on the scene in ALL-OUT AVENGERS #1 and 2! Plus! The usual suspects make our quick hitlist, inluding a new rising of Midnight Suns! ...ITS ALL HERE IN EARTH'S MIGHTIEST PODCAST #191, WE'RE THANKFUL FOR EXCELSIOR!!  

  • 0:11:32 Avengers (2018) #60
  • 0:29:38 Avengers Forever (2022) #9
  • 0:38:37 Avengers (2018) #61
  • Quick Hits
  • 0:47:57 All-Out Avengers (2022) #1
  • 0:56:25 Midnight Suns (2022) #1
  • 1:03:42 Captain America Sentinel of Liberty (2022) #4-5
  • 1:05:22 Midnight Suns (2022) #1
  • 1:08:05 She-Hulk (2022) #6
  • 1:09:42 Thunderbolts (2002) #2

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