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Aug 30, 2021

Individually they were just like those guys who like to hang around the comic book shop and talk comics but together they form the Earth’s Mightiest Podcast!

EMP 180 IN THIS EPISODE... in the aftermath of Heroes Reborn its back to Avenger's Mountain for a hot tub and a cocktail...or some kind of tale anyway as the still-reeling-from-Mephisto-&-Coulson-antics Earth's Mightiest Crew (with conveniently no longer newborn Star Brand in tow!) get a history lesson on the "Red Menace" from Winter'll be seeing Red after AVENGERS #46...did we mention Red?? MEANWHILE... Ms. Marvel and Co. put the "Later Losers!" in 'Kamala's Law' but there's a cue line of Corporate Officially Badass's that still want a piece! This time, the team is taking it to the bad guys home turf... Wall Street! It's yet another nauseatingly spunky, blonde, woke-as-heck yet greedy-as-sin (oh, also she's a she!) VP of Social Media and Societal Mayhem in CHAMPIONS #08...Spoiler alert, she doesn't want to beat them she wants them to join her! BUT WAIT!...THERE'S MORE! In MOON KNIGHT #1 guess who's back? And he's keepin' the suit and tie! PLUS! AMERICA CHAVEZ chasing down elusive new secrets to her origin, and the killer of her foster family! The last secret might be the biggest! AND in ..PAST...-O-...VISION.. Corwin brings us up to speed with one of the greatest tales on the Timeline, it's AVENGERS: INITIATIVE #06... that's right! It's all here in... EARTH'S MIGHTIEST PODCAST #180!... ...Excelsior!  

  • 0:18:35 Avengers (2018) #46
  • 0:33:03 Champions (2020) #8
  • Retro Review
  • 0:43:29 Avengers The Initiative (2026) #6
  • Quick Hits
  • 0:52:06 America Chavez Made in America (2020) #4
  • 0:59:38 Moon Knight (2021) #1

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